VM Tags

Feature Description

Virtual Machine (VM) Tag support is a feature that imports existing vCenter tags into NSX. Upon importing, a NSX Security Tag is created and associated to the same VM(s) as the vCenter tags. This feature was initially developed for non-NSX customers who had VM tags already defined and needed an easy method to migrating them to NSX for Security / NS Group membership for policy enforcement.

Note: This synchronization can be automated (scheduled) through the ReSTNSX Policy Sync tool.

Minimum Release: 2.5 
Application: NSX-v, NSX T 
License: Enterprise 
Privilege level: Security Engineer or higher


No setup required. The active data source vCenter will be used for querying existing tags and associated.

Importing Tags

To import tags, navigate to Operations > N&S Objects > Tags and select Import VM Tags from the main menu.

This action will open a new dialogue window to select one or many VM tags discovered in vCenter. To see which VMs are currently assigned to a tag on the list, click the number in the “VMs Applied To” column. In this example, New Tag is assigned to VM named phton-vm-11 as shown below within ReSTNSX and vCenter.

Once the tag(s) are selected for import, select the scope (Global / Universal) and the Migrate button to create and associate the new tag. In this example, ReSTNSX has successfully created a new NSX Security Tag using the same name as the VM Tag (New Tag) and associated this new tag with the same VM (phton-vm-11). This can be verified by clicking the blue double chevron to expand the VM members of the tag.

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