Migration Assistance Tool (M.A.T.) Licensing

Licensing Overview

ReSTNSX's Migration Assistance Tool (M.A.T.) is a virtual appliance built to automate the migration of NSX-v configurations to NSX-T.   In four easy steps, customers can migrate one or many NSX-v environments to NSX-T.  Up to 12 NSX-v instances can be migrated to NSX-T on a single appliance.

Licensing is enforced per NSX-v data source.  For every NSX-v Manager being migrated, a corresponding license of MAT is required.

If multiple NSX-T environments exist, you will need to license each separately with an additional base SKU of RST-NSX-MAT.


Build a Configuration for Quoting


Base Software

Select the base software (Includes the virtual appliance + 1 NSX-v license) :



Add additional NSX-v data source licenses (optional)



Add support by selecting the virtual appliance support contract for upgrades and support:


MAT SKU List and Description

Part NumberDescription
RST-NSX-MATReSTNSX Migration Assistance Tool (MAT) Virtual Appliance – 1 NSX-v data source
RST-NSX-MAT-ADD-ONReSTNSX MAT – Add-on license, per NSX-v data source
RST-NSX-MAT-SAU1Support for ReSTNSX MAT, Includes Upgrades - 1Yr

Professional Services


Need help getting your environment migrated?  Leverage the expertise of the ReSTNSX team to review the existing NSX-v configurations; build the NSX-T base environment and perform the migration.  Our team can work on an hourly basis or SoW-based engagement.  Below is an example of our hourly SKUs that can be used towards your NSX-T migration.

QuantityPart #Description
8RST-NSX-SERVICES1 Hour of Remote Professional Services

Getting Started

Test Drive

Schedule a Demo

Explore MAT with an online demo.  We will cover supported migration scenarios and run through a live -v to -T migration of Micro-segmentation and Network Virtualization. Demos are typically 30 minutes or less and can be scheduled using our request form.


Purchase software, support and professional services through our partner network. Ordering of MAT is available through the same partners who resell other VMware technologies such as NSX.

MAT is available through these distributors:

In addition, VMware sales teams can add ReSTNSX SKUs to NSX quotes fulfilled by most distributors.

*A valid support contract must be active for access to all future upgrades