ReST NSX v2.0

Release Notes

First Published: 4/9/2018

This document contains system requirements, supported features and bugs for ReSTNSX v2.0

Important Notes

The ReSTNSX appliance ships with a 45 day Evaluation License.  In this mode, the following limitations are enforced:

  • A limit of two data sources (NSX Managers) can be configured
  • Tenants count limited to 2
  • No additional users may be provisioned
  • Maximum of 10 workflow items to be published to NSX Manager
  • For Operations -> dFW, a limit of  20 rule changes / 4 section changes total is enforced when importing NSX rules from CSV or published to NSX Manager

In evaluation mode, the default login information is as follows:

Username: admin

Password:  default

System Requirements

Support matrix and system requirements for ReST NSX.

NSX Manager (-v)6.3+---

For REST API access, HTTPS (TCP Port 443) must be allowed through any transient firewalls for the ReSTNSX Appliance to access vCenter and NSX Manager

Browser Support

  • Chrome 62+
  • Firefox  52+


ReSTNSX - New Features

System Level Features

  • IP Sets added as search option under Query widget
  • Logging of NSX Manager communications issues
  • All tables are now resizeable
  • Main tables, such as system logs and query results, now have the ability to export the data to clipboard, CSV, Excel and PDF
  • System logging categories to filter by system and user events
  • System sidebar menu updated with Operations functions for quicker navigation
  • Site-wide icon updates with web optimized images for faster loading times

Workflows: General

  • New workflow CSV templates with descriptions and examples
  • Ability to detach VM from Logical Switch

Operations: dFW Management

Introduction of real-time operations for dFW. 

  • Drag-drop of rules
  • Inline editing
  • Section locks tied to usernames
  • Global actions such as enabling logging for multiple rules and sections at a time
  • Moveable sections
  • CSV import and export of rulesets between NSX Managers with the option to Merge or Replace existing sections and rules


  • Sections managed with Service Composer will be ignored by ReSTNSX
  • Some objects imported from existing NSX Managers into ReSTNSX dFW management (Operations and Workflows) will be ignored and not saved to the ruleset upon publish.  Please review the supported objects by navigating to Operations -> dFW and select Source, Destination and Applied-To fields of a rule to view the supported objects.

Multi-Tenant Feature - New Features

NOTE: Tenant level adds, edits and deletes are real-time.  Roll-back, XML Preview and work-flows are not available at the Tenant level.

General Features

  • Per tenant activity logging visible in each tenant space
  • Tenant functions disabled by the Administrator now show as greyed out instead of invisible
  • Tenant section names now begin with "RMT-".  As a result, any object created in the tenant space will be pre-pended with the RMT- name.  In addition, any VM created that has RMT- at the beginning, will automatically align to the tenant space

Upgrading ReSTNSX

Upgrades to ReST NSX leverage configuration export for easy migrations.  When exported, the following information is retained:

  • Local Users
  • Saved Workflows
  • Custom Wizards
  • Tenant Information
  • Data Sources
  • System Settings

By exporting this information, upgrades are performed in parallel to the production platform.  Once the new version of ReSTNSX is online, simply import the previously exported configuration file and the system is online.  Administrators can manage the same NSX environment(s) with both ReSTNSX versions at the same time and

Note: When both systems are online, configuration settings are not synchronized between the different versions and must be maintained separately until the old version is decommissioned.

For a step-by-step upgrade, please refer to the ReSTNSX Upgrade Guide

Open and Closed Issues

Open and Closed ReST NSX issues and enhancement requests (ENH). Severity levels range from 1 (Severe) to 5 (Cosmetic).

IDDescriptionStatusSeverity (1-5)
ENH127007dFW and ESG Rule are missing Service option when creating rulesOpen2
ENH127017When rolling back a workflow that creates and security and attaching a VM, the rollback is done properly but the information boxes stating the items rolled back or skipped are incorrect.Resolved2
ENH127018Tenant job submission modal window re-displays for jobs taking longer than usual.Resolved3
ENH127019Workflow dFW Apply To (dFW, ESG, LS, SG)Open2
ENH127020Support for Locale ID on DLR RoutingOpen4
ENH127020Operations: Edit dFW modal non-operationalOpen2