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Below is a list of the most recent ReSTNSX patches.  The patch list is updated every two weeks to reflect the most recent available patches for in-place upgrades of your ReSTNSX appliance.  Note that patches are cumulative where applying the latest patch also applies any previous patch.  When upgrading, there are two possible methods - Config export/import into a new OVA as described in the upgrade guide or an in-place upgrade of the existing OVA available under Administration > System Settings > In-place upgrade.

For In-place upgrades, snapshot your current OVA, reboot the appliance and then apply the update.  Updates normally take 2-3 minutes to be applied.

Note: If a patch fails, please validate the file checksum before opening a support ticket.

1/6/2022 4.1(36) (Cumulative Patch) - SHA256 Checksum: 82aad8ef5a75fdbd8867b8f10e2d41b2a4a024120f02489c3d6d999ff8e43bf9

  • NSX-T NS Group bulk delete fix
  • Data sources: Adds the NSX manager response time; top resources being consumed (CPU-wise); Enhanced the background processes to skip over data sources that are having connectivity issues.
  • LDAP size support above 500 entries (groups/OUs)
  • SFTP for UNIX systems bug fix

9/13/2021 4.1(21) - SHA256 Checksum: BD1884353465F5C3F60E6A6B89D55B138E421615E78EED628DC5E139EC9B7241

  • Some customers experienced System Reports not running due to error in logs for "Concurrent Run Attempted." This issue has been resolved
  • Security Group Entity Search boxes
  • Added support for Directory Groups in Security Group membership

Note: For the reporting issue, please apply the 4.1(21) patch twice as one step installs a new module for report validation and the second install recognizes it and runs

9/8/2021 4.1(19)  - SHA256 Checksum:  E1EC8A0F18E7E7528382F8FDBC5511AF4B756E189CA48D9C94A7DFD4214E7541

  • Custom workflows: Add Security Group as Entity option; Add dFW Section placement
  • LDAPS fixes
  • Report email template updates
  • Email recipients increased to 25
  • Services Groups search for Service members
  • Security Objects: IP Domains: ignore IPv6 resolutions

Note: For LDAPS, please apply the 4.1(19) patch twice as one step installs a new module and the second install recognizes it and runs

8/23/2021 4.1(17) - SMTP SSL fixes; APEX Chart library updates 


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