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Copying Objects between NSX Managers  



Hi - is there a way to copy objects between NSX Managers using ReSTNSX?  Specifically, I have a lab environment that I would like to replicate to production without creating from scratch or trying to script it.  Thanks! 

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Hey Autom8, 

In general terms, there are a few ways to accomplish what you are trying to do.  Once ReSTNSX is installed, add your lab and production NSX Managers as data sources.  Once this is done, you can manage both under ReSTNSX and do the following:

Option 1)  Net New Environment.  If you have not yet created your objects yet, you can build a set of CSVs with all your settings using Workflow CSV templates. Step 1 is to select your "lab" Data Source in the top right of the ReSTNSX screen

For each object, Ex: Security Tags, navigate to "NSXv for Datacenter: Predefined Calls" on the Dashboard -> Security Tags -> Create.  In the top right of the workflow, select CSV.  Once selected, you will see an option to download a template.  In this case, the template is for Security Tags and will contain an example and description of the required fields.  Repeat for each object desired.

Once complete, create a custom workflow under "NSXv for Datacenter: Workflows."  Select the object types you created CSV templates for.  Launch the custom workflow and drag over each of your CSV files.  Publish the workflow and your lab is now configured.

Now change your ReSTNSX Data Source to your "production" NSX Manager.  Repeat the workflow with the same CSVs and now your environments are synch'ed! 

Option 2) Query method. This approach is for basic objects like Security Tags.  Select your "lab" NSX Manager data source, run Query to get a list of the objects and click the export button in the top right corner.  This will export as CSV.   Example: Query all security tags.  Use this data in the same CSVs and process as Option 1. 

Option 3) Mover Tool.  ReSTNSX version 2.2 provides a new capability that combines the best of Option 1 and Option 2.  NSX mover allows you to quick copy existing objects (singular or in bulk) between NSX Managers without any CSV creation or manipulation.  To get started, navigate to Operations -> N&S Objects.  Sticking with the Security Tag theme, select the Security Tags tab and which tags you wish to copy using the checkboxes on the left.  Once selected, navigate to the table header drop-down menu and choose "Migrate Selected."   

This will open up the NSX Mover tool where you will be presented with a summary of the existing options and a drop-down to select the destination. In your case, select the "Production" NSX Manager.  If the object does not exist in the destination, we note that and if the destination supports the specific object.  Review the information and click Migrate. 

Once completed, switch your ReSTNSX Data Source to the "Production" NSX Manager and confirm via the Query tool.  That's it!  You are done. 

Check out more details here:

If you want to discuss further, please contact us directly and we can setup a demo to show you these options in action.   Also, follow us on Twitter (@ReSTNSX) for all the latest updates. 

Cool username BTW 😉 


Great. thank you...  Please contact me (details in my profile) on setting up a demo.